What Others Say...


I want to thank you for the professional manner and support you and your staff are giving us.  I've had a lot of dads around the dojo offer to help us, but they never seemed to get things done.  They have always seemed to slow me down more than help me out. 

You are different because, like me, you are a "Get It Done" guy. 

For the first time I feel I have a team that understands, and is making my life easier and more profitable.

Thanks for Your Support!

David Grout  
Port Orchard, WA

"Time and money are key reasons to use his program. I don't have the time to learn all the seo parameters, web design, copywriting etc
so it easily saved me years of learning and testing. money wise I would say I have conservatively made an additional $20-30k because of this program.

As I have friends who have tried to do it themselves with varied results. Mike isn't going to BS you, he will tell it like it is and is out learning himself.

Too many gurus/ consultants just aren't as cutting edge or have gimmicks. I have several friends that have tried other programs and struggled or payed waaay too much money and their results aren't as good as mine. Mike has truly helped me grow my business and more importantly become the leader in my area. I don't sweat the competition at all." 

Alan Condon,
Albany New York  

“With the systems we have put in place – my revenue has increased by $5000.00 during the first 3 months. We are busier than ever and I am growing” Just one of the systems has been producing an average of 4 additional new members per week.
Penny Patasi
Swansae, IL

“I’ve been a part of other “Coaching” Programs and nothing even comes close to this one. The value of what I have received far out-ways the investment!”

Mike actually under promises and over delivers!

Don Doncun

“The 4 Step Secret Implementation, Business Systems & Done for You Internet Marketing That Guarantees Your Success”

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You'll also get access to Monthly Marketing Plans, Tools, Resources and Cutting Edge Research to Keep You Way Ahead.

I must warn you. Our Marketing Makeover and School Growth Program is NOT Cheap. It's Not For Anyone Who is Less Than 100% Committed to Building Their Martial Arts Business. But today's your lucky day....

With Our End of 2011 and “Get Your Rear in Gear New Year Special” You can Qualify for a Substantial Savings of $500.00!!

“How Can I Find Out More?”

We need to make sure this is right for you. To do so, we are willing to give you a FREE 30 Minute Consultation.

During your 30 minutes you can ask any questions you'd like about how to grow your school. At the end of that call we'll decide if it makes sense for us to help you. If not-- no big deal.

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